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better safe than sorry; don't be sorry, read the article.

- is terrorism a threat in Poland?
- can I get mugged?
- is it safe to leave my car on the street?


Poland is currently one of the safest countries in Europe, and perhaps in the world. Nonetheless, there are some things you should know as a tourist no matter where you travel. So, remember: this all goes without saying.


Please note that all 3 risks below can be completely eliminated to make your trip even safer.

political protests

This applies only to Warsaw. Watch out for political protests in Central Warsaw. So far, they have not been violent, but protests are unpredictable and it is better not to join the protests or walk through the crowds. This will be especially relevant in 2020, during the general elections.

anti-government protests

anti-EU protests


Unfortunately, there are still some pickpockets in Poland, especially in Warsaw and Cracow. It's much better in Poland than in countries like France or the UK, but pickpockets do exist, and you should be careful and preferably not keep all your valuables in one pocket. Be especially cautious while in crowded public transport and at train stations.

Also, if you must leave valuables in the car, leave them in the trunk so that they cannot be seen from outside.

racial and sexual discrimination

This does not apply to large cities. Poland is not a diverse country by any means (though urban populations are more used to diversification), and many of its conservative inhabitants dislike the idea of multiculturalism.

This means that if you are Arab or African American in the Polish countryside, you may be looked at strangely and picked on in public. This never gets aggressive anymore, especially if you are willing to ignore anyone behaving oddly. This also applies to male homosexual couples displaying their love for each other and single homosexual males displaying their sexuality.

Please note that none of the above applies to single women travelers, for who Poland is completely safe.


Everything not mentioned above is a non-risk in Poland. This includes a wide list of potential risks in other countries, as well as the following elements: